Repository for public datasets and scripts

Who we are

The Research Laboratory for Communication, Political Cultures and Economies of Collaboration (coLAB), hosted by Fluminense Federal University (UFF), develops research aimed at understanding the interfaces between communication technologies and political cultures, with special emphasis on phenomena related to repertoires of digital activism, rhetorical and discursive strategies of actors in the formal field of politics, dynamics of sociability and political literacy, political economy of information and circulation of disinformation and hate speech. Associated to the Brazilian National Institute of Science and Technology in Digital Democracy (INCT.DD), the group brings together researchers dedicated to the area of political communication, at different education degrees. Research lines include studies on: communication strategies and public opinion, political cultures and collective action, and humor and political discussion.

coLAB houses different projects. Some of the projects that provide public datasets and materials for this repository are:

In addition to these projects, the repositories provide data from a series of other coLAB researchers’ initiatives.

What is this repository for

The purpose of this repository is to store and make publicly available research data and materials used in scientific and technological products by members of the Research Laboratory for Communication, Political Cultures and Economies of Collaboration (coLAB).

What materials are publicly available

The public repository for datasets and scripts of the coLAB research group is a GitHub set of repositories that brings together different databases and applications used by researchers associated with the group. The data are made available in an open way to any interested parties. Repositories may host:

Other datasets and materials that eventually contain private data are not included in public repositories.

Articles, papers published in scientific journals or in conference proceedings, theses and dissertations, book chapters, and other written products can be retrieved from our coLAB Figshare repository.

How do I access the data

All data available in this reposity can be accessed from the coLAB GitHub organization profile. Datasets, scripts and other materials are forked from our researchers’ repositories. You can find a summary of these repositories in

Who can use available data

All data available in this repository is licensed under a Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA license. Please refer to license clauses to resolve doubts about its use.

All data presented in our GitHub repositories is provided AS-IS. There are no warranties, expressed or implied, of fitness for a particular purpose, and there is no support provided by coLAB researchers.

All data must be referenced as provided by the Research Laboratory for Communication, Political Cultures and Economies of Collaboration (coLAB). In all derivative works, including graphics, tables, or other materials, an attribution should be made as follows:

All derivative works using data from this repository must be equally licensed under a CC BY-NC-SA license.

Commercial or private use of the data is not allowed. For this situation, please contact the owners to request authorization. Private and commercial use includes the publication, partially or in full, of the materials available in this repository, without prior authorization, in didactic or commercial books, audiovisual or any other work without the same license adopted for the data available in this repository.

In omitted cases, prior consultation with those responsible is recommended, via email, for general guidance on the use of data.

How to obtain other data

The Research Laboratory for Communication, Political Cultures and Economies of Collaboration (coLAB) reserves the right not to meet particular demands for data provision, with the exception of institutional partners. Following the guidelines of the International Cooperation Office of the Fluminense Federal University, one can apply to national or international partnerships for scientific cooperation by signing an interinstitutional cooperation agreement. No data except for the publicly available in this repository will be provided without a cooperation agreement.

How to collaborate

If you have noticed any problem in shared data or if you wish to contribute sending data to this repository, feel free to email us at

Where can I find more info about your projects

In case of interest, you can follow some of our projects at the following addresses: